Fatih has oldest residential area and it is so rich about historical places. This place didn't lose anything from Byzantium ages and Ottoman ages. There are so many important, touristic and historical works and buildings. These works are;


· Aksaray Valide Sultan Mosque

· Anemas and Towers

· Hagia Irene

· Hagia Sophia

· Ayios Yeosyios - Hagios Georgios Patriarchate Church · Ayayorgi

· Beyazit Mosque

· Beyazit Square

· Bonus Aspen Cistern

· Bulgarian (Stafa Stefanos) Church

· Results Palas

· Twisted Column

· Çemberlitas

· Dar'ül Muallimat (Anchor Anatolian Teacher High School)

· Obelisk

· Fatih Mosque

· Fener Greek Boys High School

· Gulhane Park

· Cardigan-i-Sharif Mosque

· Hora-Khora Monastery

· Istanbul University

· Bazaar

· Kariye Camii

· Kıztaşı (Markinos) Column

· Little Hagia Sophia

· Laleli Mosque

· Melandisi the (Mevlana) Door

· The Egyptian Bazaar

· Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

· Nuruosmaniye Mosque

· Masonry Pillar


Historic Peninsula is built on seven hills. The subject of the poem's seven hills of Istanbul, Fatih remain within limits.

1. hill of Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

2- hill of Çemberlitas of Nuriosmaniye mosque.

3- hill of Beyazit Mosque, and Suleymaniye and where the University is located.

4- hill of Fatih Mosque.

5- hill of Selim mosque.

6- Edirnekapı district, Mihrimah hill .

7- hill of Kocamustafapaşa.